The Dome5 Difference

What's the difference between a Dome5 hat and all the other hats on the market?




Dome5 uses 100% real premium Maroquin (Morroco leather) for every brim on every hat.

Under side

The inside lining of a Dome5 hat is made of one of the lightest jersey knit fabrics on the market. It is almost silk like to the touch. It helps maintain breath-ability and dispersion of heat, to keep your head cool.

The under brim is a smooth suede. 


The dome of the hats will vary from hat to hat, but they will always be made from the best quality material we can find, whether it be melton wool, canvas, polyester, nylon, corduroy, etc.


The inside lining and under brim of every hat will always be the Dome5 teal. We wanted something that unified all of our hats, no matter the style.  We wanted to represent underneath it all, we all share the commonality of being human, and to not forget that thought.

Bold Designs

Dome5 is a proponent of the Accentuated Fashion™ movement. All designs for the hats are bold. They are eye catching memorable patterns that are purposefully crafted and designed to accentuate a person's style and personality.

For the Nothing To Prove™ line of hats, each hat has a fastened metal emblem that contains Dome5's mantra, Nothing To Prove™. 

Consistent Pricing

The pricing for our hats will always be $55 online, $40 at events, and $75 for the limited releases. There will never be a need to wait for a sale.